BTS’ Jungkook Rumored To Be Dating & His Management Team Speaks Out!


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What’s up guys it’s Emiile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and Jungkook was seen hanging out with a friend the other day. The two got drinks together and then were later spotted on a closed-circuit video camera recording.

And of course, since celebrities – especially celebrities as big and as popular as BTS’ Jungkook – aren’t allowed to hang out with people of the opposite sex without rumors flying wild, people lost their ever-loving minds after seeing these two photos.

Like, people went WILD. They found the girl in question on social media and started DMing her and asking her if she was really dating Jungkook. They posted photos of her along with her place of work and a lot more private information.

Some people even DM’d friends of hers to get the scoop – and yes, they were all disappointed when the news came out that Jungkook and his lady friend are just that – friends.

The whole event really goes to show how fast and how wildly out of control rumors can fly. And it wasn’t just Jungkook and this woman, whose name I don’t want to spread further, that were affected by these rumors.

At first, some people thought that the man in the closed circuit camera was actually a South Korean rapper named Hash Swan.

But that led to Hash Swan getting the online harassment treatment as well. People mocked him and his appearance, which led him to turn to Instagram for the first time since May to post a statement about his perceived involvement in the whole debacle.

Most of the heat fell off of Hash Swan after the second photo of Jungkook and his friend got leaked online. In this photo, you can clearly see that the man is Jungkook – and he’s wearing the same outfit he was wearing in the security camera photo.

In this photo, he and his friend are getting drinks at a restaurant. And that’s when the rumors got even crazier. People said that the woman had tattooed Jungkook’s initials on her body – a rumor that, honestly, I have no idea the origins of.

there were also rumors that the woman was actually married – and while these were proven not to be true, she does in fact have a boyfriend who is NOT Jungkook.

Somebody DM’d a friend of hers to try to get more information out of her. The friend responded and said “it’s never true. She is not married but has a boyfriend. Jungkook is just a friend”.

The tattoo artist might also be a Taylor Swift fan – but that much is up for debate

The photo of the two of them getting drinks was actually cropped – it actually WASN’T just two of them there alone. There was another man sitting with both of them at the table.

But the photo was actually cropped – the two weren’t there alone. There was another man sitting with them at the table. The man had his back turned so there’s no way of knowing but it very well could have been her boyfriend himself that was there with them.

Eventually, the rumors got so crazy that Big Hit Entertainment, the record company that manages BTS, put out a statement of their own debunking the rumors that Jungkook and this woman are dating. In another lengthy statement, they said

I mean, that pretty much all adds up. You know that the boys of BTS are just coming off their month long break that they spent relaxing and trying to live a normal life

But that’s why we’re talking about it in the first place. Yes, these dating rumors were created from speculation – but they’re rumors that were big enough to warrant a response from the management company. And the tattoo artist herself also gave a statement to the public on her Instagram page.

“We’re simply close friends, and I am very apologetic as it seems fans were extremely hurt in addition to myself and people around me. I will not say anything further. I’d just like to make it clear that I wasn’t ignoring or disregarding everything,”

The whole thing is honestly kind of sad. Like, what’s going to happen when Jungkook does eventually start dating somebody or find a partner? ARMY and real fans of BTS definitely want Jungkook to find happiness and respect his privacy, but some people are hell bent on idolizing this poor man to a point that he is unable to live his life.

So guys, don’t let the few ruin it for the many. Enjoy BTS’s music, enjoy Jungkook’s cuteness, but leave him alone when he wants to be left alone, ok?

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