Zooey Deschanel DATING New Man One Week After Announcing Divorce!


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What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and okay, so Zooey and her husband Jacob Pechenik have actually been separated for months, but officially announced their break up on September 6th.

You remember when we told you about that a few weeks ago?

They have two children together, ages 4 and 2, that Zooey and Jacob will continue to co-parent together.

They announced their separation via a statement made to People magazine. They said “After much discussion and a long period of contemplation we have decided we are better off as friends, business partners and co-parents rather than life partners”.

Reports state that the couple have been separated for quite some time now and that they are amicable and spending time together as a family with their children.
Jacob also released a statement a few days later, where he doubled down on the two of them remaining friendly and caring for their children saying, “We’ve been raising them and we’re going to continue to raise them, and take great care of them… I’m happy.”

So if they’ve been separated for a while, why make it public now? Well, maybe because she’s going public with a new relationship.

A new celebrity relationship, of course, with none other than Jonathan Scott from HGTV’s Property Brothers.

Yep, my thoughts exactly!
In an unexpected turn of events, Zooey and Jonathan have been spotted out and about, getting cozy and holding hands on their way to dinner at Little Doms in Los Angeles. Which, if you live in Los Angeles, you know is a place to be seen getting dinner.

Somebody at the restaurant reported that “Zooey and Jonathan kept looking at each other and smiling and sat closely, cuddling constantly throughout their meal. They looked very happy and casual”.

But of course, Jonathan makes up only one half of the dynamic duo.

Drew Scott got married to his longtime girlfriend Linda Phan in May of last year. She’s a Canadian producer and together they’ve worked on “Drew and Linda Crafting”, a TV show that is exactly what it sounds like.

But luckily for Zooey, Jonathan Scott is VERY much single. Like, so single that he had a whole spread in People Magazine that read “Jonathan Scott is Looking for Love”, along with this very dramatic picture of him on a horse. And that was just 3 months ago.

The article says “Scott is looking first and foremost for someone who is kind. If someone wants to be in his life, they have to always “do the right thing, even if no one is watching,” he says. He also wants a girl that is confident in herself, and wouldn’t be afraid to break off on her own at a party and hold a conversation”

So I guess you just gotta know where to look for love. And sometimes, like Jonathan, you gotta look in unlikely places. Like the backseat of James Corden’s car.

Zooey and Jonathan met just last month while they were filming James Corden’s now-Emmy award winning “Carpool Karaoke”. Also there were Zooey’s sister Emily Deschanel from “Bones” and Jonathan’s brother Drew.

Zooey and Jonathan IMMEDIATELY hit it off. Zooey posted a gif on Twitter along with the caption “One of us was very excited about taping Carpool Karaoke yesterday. Maybe two of us. Property Brothers X Deschanel Sisters.
So now, Zooey is a little less

And a little more

And I’m happy for her! She deserves to find a good guy.

Years ago, Zooey was married to Death Cab for Cutie frontman and lead singer Ben Gibbard. That marriage gave us dozens of moody alternative rock songs about Zooey, like “El Dorado”.

But now Zooey is happily going public with a new relationship. And while Jonathan can’t write any songs about her, he could build her a beautiful home – which is what we’re all looking for in a man, right?

They started talking as friends after carpool karaoke but it quickly developed into a little crush. The episode hasn’t aired yet so we’ll have to wait and see what their chemistry is like.

And I think they stand a pretty good chance together. They seem to both have some of the same interests – like philanthropy.

Just a couple weeks ago, Zooey hung out with some of her famous friends Busy Phillips and Nicole Richie at a Baby 2 Baby event to help disadvantaged school children.

And Jonathan has a soft spot for kids too – he and his brother wrote a children’s book called “Better Together”. So maybe that will gain him some extra brownie points with Zooey’s two children.

But me? I’m already convinced that these two are a match made in heaven. You get a manic pixie dream girl and match her with a handy fairy dream home maker, and I think it’s just kooky enough to work.

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