James Charles Is FIGHTING With Makeup Co. After Accusing Them Of Copying Him!


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James Charles claimed that Wet n Wild allegedly copied his Morphe eyeshadow palette almost exactly, and now the beauty company is clapping back. This is a Twitter war you didn’t know you needed this Monday!

What’s up? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and if you were keeping up with the Twitter drama over the weekend, you probably saw that James Charles has some serious beef with makeup company Wet n Wild.

And in case you missed it, here’s the breakdown of what happened.

Wet n Wild showed off the new “40 Palette,” which is named after its 40 shades of eyeshadow, on Twitter during RuPaul’s DragCon over the weekend.

Wet N Wild wrote quote, “First look at our NEW 40 Palette. Available exclusively at @RuPaulsDragCon NYC. Coming to wetnwildbeauty.com Fall 2019.”

And if you’re a makeup fan, you might recognize that even that small pic of the palette resembles the Morphe by James Charles palette and its arrangement of colors, from deep blues to bright pinks and reds.

Let’s put the two palettes side by side just so we can have a good look.

Ok I mean, I will admit, they are pretty similar.

And the sisters wasted NO time coming after Wet N Wild on their tweet.

One person wrote quote, “guess you’ll see james in court”

And another said quote, “y’all just mad that James Charles is more successful then your entire company”

But it wasn’t just fans who got involved in the conversation. James himself replied to Wet N Wild’s tweet, and he didn’t hold back.

He started off by tweeting quote, “That’s crazy… your “NEW” palette looks extremely similar. 🤔”

And when one fan said quote, “being affordable doesn’t mean u can steal other people’s ideas, especially without consent, and profit off of them. u may think ur clever with this rn but wait until u get sued.”

Wet N Wild responded with quote, “The James Charles x Morphe palette was purchased by Morphe from Jiaxing Huasheng Cosmetics.”

And that’s when James went off.

He started replying in the thread on Wet N Wild’s tweet with things like quote, “You’re tweeting information out of context to start drama, this is beyond unprofessional. Jiaxing Huasheng is the manufacturer that produces my palette, which I designed and formulated myself. Every company has a manufacturer that they “buy” their stock from, including you.”

And in response to the alleged copying, Wet N Wild replied quote, “We certainly didn’t copy the price :)”

Ok Wet N Wild, we see you throwing shade.

And while they are being savage, they aren’t lying about it being cheaper.

The James Charles Morphe palette is $39 and Wet N Wild plans on releasing theirs for around $10 less.

They tweeted quote, “We are anticipating that our product will be around $10 less. We have a reputation for developing good quality palettes at an affordable price.”

And we all know this isn’t the first time James has been caught up in some internet drama this year.

We will never be able to forget Tati Westbrook and the YouTube drama of the century.
Not because we don’t want to, but because it was all anyone talked about for about a month.

I will never be able to get that month of my life back…

But anyway, a fan pointed out how James is already involved in drama on Twitter in response to his tweet calling out Wet N Wild.

They said quote, “They were quickly explaining something to someone who was concerned about copying when in reality it’s just a basic rainbow palette that any manufacturer could make? You already have drama, what’s the point of making more.”

And while we don’t know if and when this will be resolved, I am just here for the memes the internet has been pumping out about this drama.

There are so many and they are pure gold.

One person posted this pic of James and if you’re a fan of his palette, you probably know the slogan is “release your inner artist” so I’m sure you can see the humor in this one.

And another person made an interesting point and wrote quote, “Obviously you can’t own a rainbow.”

But I want to know what you guys think about all of this.
After having a look at both palettes do you think Wet N Wild copied the Morphe James Charles palette? Or do you think it’s just a total coincidence.
Let me know down in the comments below.

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