Jordyn Woods OPENS UP About Life After Kylie Jenner!


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It’s definitely no secret that Jordyn Woods’ life was flipped upside down after the major falling out with her former BFF Kylie Jenner. Now Jordyn’s living what appears to be her best life and both she and Jada Pinkett Smith are speaking out about that challenging time and the infamous Red Table Talk.

What’s up y’all? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and we all know that Jordyn’s life changed big time after a very public cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson.

What followed was a full blown media storm, public shaming, a sit down interview, and dramatic falling-out with the Kardashian/Jenner family.

I mean to this day, if you search Jordyn Woods on the internet, pretty much every story, photo, or video that comes up is Kardashian related. And for a long time, that’s the only way Jordyn was known.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Jordyn looked back at her journal from the day she went on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk to tell her side of what happened with Tristan.

She said quote, “This is really sad, actually. Well, it’s not sad, it’s bringing me back to what I felt at the time.”

And Jada also just opened up about the interview and revealed that she was actually hesitant to be involved for fear of being exploitative.

She told Metro quote, “What was interesting about that one is I didn’t know if I would be able to do her justice because she’s so close to me. I really wanted to see if someone else would do the interview because I also didn’t want it to feel exploitative.”

But Jada said things were happening behind the scenes that ultimately made her decide to go ahead with the interview.

While it’s unclear what exactly was unfolding behind the scenes, I think it was the right move for Jada to be the one to interview Jordyn.

And now over six months later, Jordyn realizes that while her life may have been turned upside down, everything is going to be ok.

She told Teen Vogue that quote, “Everyone is trying to figure out what I’m doing … I’m finding my self worth. At 21, this is the very beginning, even though I feel so old. This is the time you figure out who you are, and don’t let anyone define you.”

And that’s exactly what she’s doing. She is focusing on her inclusive workout clothing line SECNDNTURE and has even dabbled in acting, landing a guest star role on the show Grown-ish.

Jordyn also opened up to Teen Vogue about mental health and how she wishes everyone knew that it’s ok to not be ok.

She said quote, “I wish there was a course that everyone had to take. We should open the conversation of mental health and start discussing it in classrooms, and among each other. Especially in the black community — that’s not something we talk about.”

Obviously, that is something we can all get on board with so good on you Jordyn for talking about these important issues and getting back on your feet after everything.

And it seems like Jordyn is doing just fine in the friend department without Kylie Jenner.

Jordyn might have found her new BFF in rapper and Hot Girl Summer inventor Megan Thee Stallion.

Just judging from the photos these two have been posting on Instagram, they have been living their best lives together.

And doing best friend things like screaming along to song lyrics and…

….Styling each other’s hair.

So whether these two are actually friends or if they are just working on some projects together, I am here for this duo and Twitter agrees with me.

One person wrote quote, “Jordyn Woods and Megan thee Stallion’s friendship is one I didn’t know I needed but it’s here and I’m living for itttt.”

And another person said quote, “Seeing Jordyn Woods and Megan thee Stallion together is the black girl magic I really needed in my life.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

If this friendship isn’t the way to close out Hot Girl Summer, I don’t know what is.

So now it’s your turn to sound off with your thoughts on Jordyn Woods and Jada’s interviews!

What do you think of Jordyn’s post-Kardashian life? And are you as obsessed with Jordyn and Megan thee Stallion’s friendship as I am?

Let me know down in the comments below.

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