Bella Thorne Reignites FEUD With Mod Sun After Exposing Texts On Twitter!


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Yup, another day another public twitter feud between ex lovers slash ex unofficial husband and wife Bella Thorne and Mod Sun!

What’s up guys? It’s Dani Golub here with Clevver News and today’s dirty laundry is brought to you by a surfaced wedding video and some questionable book promotion.

Bella posted this video of her and ModSun back in February having an unofficial, not legally binding wedding ceremony.
Along with it was a poem about depression where she states “depression is something that is deep inside that just stays there. It’s an overwhelming/underwhelming feeling that stays by your side.”

She finishes the caption by saying “Ps. No, mod and I never really got married, this was one of his bday presents he wanted so my friends and I threw together a beautiful night of laughter. Hashtag the life of a wannabe mogul.”

And here’s where it gets messy.

ModSun saw the post and went straight to Twitter, where, he sent this out for the world to see:

“Seriously don’t use our wedding video to promote your book. Don’t disrespect my idea of what love is. If you were faking it that day then you really are an amazing actress. Stop being intentionally hurtful to people healing.”

So Bella followed suit on her own twitter and said quote,

“After we broke up… you just keep lying and you won’t stop. I was trying to remember how beautiful we were sad. V sad you brought us to this”

With the tweet she posted screenshots of her private text conversation with ModSun.

Which I am starting to believe is the only private conversation they’ve ever had.

Anyway the texts show Bella asking if she can post the video to promote her book, and Mod says “yes” with the condition that she also sends him a copy.

He says it’s one of his favorite memories of his life. And Bella sends him the video

So ModSun goes back and tells her to “show the dates” because apparently in May they were still trying to work things out. He says “ That text was MAY 2 when we were still trying to work things out..look at what ensued after that. I said you can (use it) then and I’m shocked you did now”… “What I think is disgusting is your PS remark where you lied and discredited our entire marriage in one sentence. I haven’t lied once and you know it”

And Bella, well, it’s a sad response but it’s a good one.

She said “Don’t you remember Mod you broke up with me April 15th the anniversary of my father’s death. Come on now”
I mean, there’s no coming back from that.
And Mod didn’t.

He just went on to claim that he doesn’t want to help promote her book because he did the artwork while Bella took the credit.

He finishes by saying “anyone else notice this.”

And the top reply on his tweet?

“You’re pushing 35 get over it.”

So looks like the chances of a sweet reunion between Mod Sun and Bella are getting slimmer and slimmer. Too bad it didn’t workout like Tana and Bella’s reunion!

But hey, Bella’s got a book to promote and he’s got a new song out. So at the end of the day, they might both still be winners here.

What do you make of this fight? Is it strategically contrived to promote Bella’s book… or is it actually real?? After all the drama we’ve seen between these two, do you think there’s a chance of reconciliation? Or are you just sick of hearing about it. Let me know in the comments below.

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