Lili Reinhart Reveals Her TWIN After She Mistakes Herself For Another Actress!


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Is it just me, or does it seem like celebrity look alike’s are just popping up everywhere now?!

What’s up guys? It’s Dani Golub with Clevver News and looks like Lili Reinhart is the latest celeb to have a doppelganger running around in the world.

You might remember that we recently reported on Rihanna having a mini twin.

Instagram user @iambriakay_ posted a picture of her daughter that looked like some serious face app sorcery.

I mean, this kid looks exactly like Rihanna and we, and even RiRi herself, were shook.

Well, it appears Rihanna isn’t alone as we just found out Lili Rinhart may have a secret twin she never knew of.

On her Instagram Story, Lili posted a screenshot of someone she honestly thought was her for a second.

She wrote on the post, “Saw this on my explore page and thought it was me??”

Seriously, same here Lili.

Sooo, who is this Lili Reinhart look-a-like you ask?

Well, it turns out her sister from another mister is actress Sarah Gadon.

Who in real life, doesn’t look THAT much like Lili.

Wait can we get them side by side?

In fact, these two actually look pretty different, but that one screenshot honestly made us do a double take.

All of this just has me wondering though, do I have a secret twin out there? If so give me a holler, slide into my DMs, do what you’ve gotta do. I need to know.

And I want to know is what do you think about Lili confusing herself for Sarah Gadon?? Do you see the similarities, if so point them out in the comments below!

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