Taylor Swift THROWS SHADE At Scooter Braun During Performance!


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Taylor Swift took the stage to celebrate Amazon Prime’s “Prime Day” in an exclusive concert, and when given the opportunity to throw major shade, she absolutely did so.

What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and we heard you LOUD AND CLEAR, TAYLOR. Payback is one serious B, and that B is short for BRAUN… as in Scooter Braun, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks.

Following news of Scooter Braun’s recent massive $300 million dollar purchase, which includes all of Taylor Swift’s masters throughout her career, Tay performed to a worldwide audience via her exclusive concert for Amazon Prime members to celebrate “Prime Day”. It was then, during her hit, “Shake It Off”, she threw some serious shade and emphasized a few key words… we’ll let her do the talking on this one…

If you didn’t hear that clearly, Taylor made no mistake in elaborating on one specific verse of the song — you know, the one we all attempted to memorize in our cars the second the song was released — where she talks about the QUOTE “LIARS AND THE DIRTY, DIRTY CHEATS OF THE WORLD.” That one!

While Taylor didn’t name names, as she is notorious for not doing, I think by now we’re all well-aware that once she feels bullied, threatened, and/or any other form of emotion, she’s gonna make it known. The feud surrounding her, Scooter Braun and her ex label-head Scott Borchetta, has consumed the music industry over the past few weeks, so much so that many artists have taken sides in the debacle. Although a conclusion, conversation or explanation has yet to be reached, it’s pretty clear that all signs were pointing to Scooter in this hefty subtext.

But on a much more positive note, the New York show, hosted by Jane Lynch, featured many other artists like Dua Lipa, SZA and Becky G, and will be available for a limited time for on-demand viewing by Prime Video members. The platform used the concert to spread the word of upcoming original series, including Carnival Row and Modern Love.

If you’re not at all familar with these names, just know that anything Amazon Prime Video touches is gold, so take it from me, it’s worth a watch. Anyway, I gotta know all your thoughts on Taylor’s newest slice of shade — do you think it was definitely directed towards Scooter or do you think that’s too obvious? Orrrr do you have another opinion? Get to talking down here in the comments.

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