Jeffree Star SLAMS Manny MUA in HEATED Rant on Twitter


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As you know, Manny MUA made his return to YouTube this week after a month and a half long hiatus. In the comeback video he apologized to basically everyone, and announced he would be making a mini docu series to answer tough questions and address rumors about himself. Welp, that concept sounds just a TAD familiar.

Fans started tweeting Manny’s ex-bestie Jeffree Star about the new series. One fan wrote to Jeffree, “I didn’t know it’d take a three part series to explain why you’re wrong about something, to try and spin things a different way. Especially on world mental health day. You don’t think this is contrived? Man bye! I hope @JeffreeStar acknowledges this somehow…”

And he did. Jeffree quote-retweeted this fan’s tweet and then kicked off a lengthy rant writing, “Can everyone stop tweeting me about Manny? I don’t care what he’s doing nor do I ever want him in my life again. He has holiday makeup to sell and this is his parent’s idea of a “come back” – Shane and I want our 20% cut for stealing our entire concept.”

So it’s pretty clear here- Jeffree is accusing Manny of stealing Shane Dawson’s successful docu series video concept which focuses on the truth and mental health. And as you know, Shane’s first series featured a look inside Jeffree’s real life. We smell a copycat here.

Jeffree continued his Twitter rant by admitting that it gets old being asked everyday about someone you don’t care about. He accuses Manny of being his friend for financial reasons and slams Manny for uploading the first part of his docu series on World Mental Health Day. Jeffree wasn’t done there and wrote, “His first 2 “apology” videos flopped so they’re trying the @shanedawson route. It’s f*cking pathetic and so calculated it makes me sick… Can the real sociopath in the beauty community please stand up??”

Yikes, you guys. So Manny and Jeffree are probably not going to kiss and makeup ANY TIME soon. Jeffree ended his rant by predicting that a “Jeffree Star is eViL” campaign is about to drop from his old circle of friends. Did Jeffree just END Manny with this rant? How do you think Manny will retaliate? Get typing below! Then, be sure to check out another new video and of course don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. I’m your host Drew Dorsey, I’ll catch you guys next time.

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