Ariana Grande Fans COMPLAIN That Aretha Franklin’s Death Will Hurt ‘Sweetener’ Release


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Ariana Grande fans COMPLAIN that Aretha Franklin’s death will overshadow the release of her upcoming album, Sweetener.

You better THINK and learn some R-E-S-P-E-C-T if you’re complaining about the death of an icon right now.

This is definitely one of the cringiest things we’ve heard in a while, but here it goes: Some Arianators have actually taken to Twitter to complain that Aretha Franklin’s death will be bad for Ariana’s ‘Sweetener’ sales.

Many of Aretha’s fans are honoring the late singer by streaming and downloading ALL of her iconic hits, from “Respect” to “Chain of Fools”, which, as a result, has catapulted Aretha to the top of the charts on many streaming platforms. With ‘Sweetener’ set to be released at midnight to night, a few Arianators are concerned that this will lead to Sweetener’s sales taking a hit, and the album being completely overshadowed and overlooked.

One fan tweeted QUOTE,”Damn imagine ariana grande being excited about her album release and the ARETHA FRANKLIN dies….” Another tweeted, “by dying aretha franklin steals the spotlight from that ariana grande chick and madonna.”

And these weren’t the only insensitive remarks made by fans. Another Arianator shared a stressed out meme along with the caption QUOTE, “Ariana Grande looking at the digital charts rn after hearing about Aretha Franklin’s passing. Her new album ‘Sweetener’ is due to drop tomorrow!” Another even went as far as to advise Ari to HOLD BACK from releasing the album tonight, writing QUOTE, “Ariana Grande’s #Sweetener (Album) is expected to arrived this midnight. However her sales is under threat since the world of Music’s focus will be on “Aretha Franklin” for days. I advice that She should delay that Album release if she really wants to sell.”

While many of Ari’s fans were concerned about her sales and chart placement, another fan showed concern about the current mood of fans, writing QUOTE, “Ugh its such a bad coincidence that Sweetener is dropping the same day Aretha Franklin passed away. I don’t know if we’ll all be able to enjoy the music as much. Especially for Ariana, I know how much of an idol Aretha was to her.”

We’re sure that Ariana is more concerned with mourning the loss of Aretha, than what the effect of the timing of the idol’s death will be on her own album. And hopefully those Arianators that are complaining will look to Ari’s own actions, and recognize that her number one priority on social media today was honoring Aretha and her legacy.

Alright guys now I wanna turn it over to you — are you shocked at what these Arianators are saying? Sound off with all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.

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