Kelly Clarkson Filming Her Own Daytime Talk Show Pilot?


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Kelly Clarkson is getting her very own show

And surprisingly, it’s NOT a singing competition

Kelly Clarkson is certainly no stranger when it comes to TV. She first made her appearance on the silver screen way back in 2002 when she auditioned for the very first season of American Idol. Of course, her amazing singing chops led her to win the competition, and ever since she’s had a pretty incredible music career.

In 2017, she finally got to be on the other side of a singing competition when she joined The Voice as a judge. It’s pretty much a perfect fit for Kelly, but now she’s decided to branch out beyond the music world.

A source told ET that the singer will be filming a pilot for her own daytime talk show some time in the next few weeks. The show is part of her deal with NBCUniversal, and it’s reportedly slated for a fall 2019 release.

Since the premiere is so far out, there’s no network attached to the show just yet. The source said it could be picked up by a TV station or a streaming platform—or both! Not much is known about what the show will be like, but considering the host, there’s bound to be some amazing musical guests.

It might seem odd to pick Kelly Clarkson as a daytime talk show host, but she does have some experience. Back in May, she hosted the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, and she did a pretty dang good job if I do say so myself. Somebody at NBC must have agreed because now she’s becoming a full-time host! But don’t worry—she’s still going to be returning to The Voice as a judge for the 15th season. Her team member, Brynn Cartelli, won the competition last season, but we’ll have to wait and see if Kelly can keep her winning streak going.

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